NextEra Energy’s efficient operations and significant purchasing power allow us to pass on cost savings and deliver affordability to customers. We deliver America’s best energy value.

  • Thanks to smart investments in infrastructure and cost-effective energy sources, as well as the ability to efficiently run operations, our utilities offer customers electric bills that are among the lowest in the nation. We have focused on lowering our operating costs for more than 30 years.
  • Through our relentless focus on reducing operating costs, we have improved our utility operations and maintenance costs to be significantly better than the industry average. This, in turn, results in savings for our utility customers.
  • Since 2001, we have methodically modernized our utility power generation fleet and transformed it into one of the cleanest and most efficient in the country, saving customers more than $10.5 billion in fuel costs and eliminating nearly 150 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Our highly efficient fleet of utility power plants also now includes nearly 30 universal solar power plants, which helps to lower fuel costs and create savings for our customers.

NextEra Energy would bring the same commitment to affordable electric rates, clean energy and high-quality service to South Carolina.