Investing in South Carolina

Capital investment is central to executing our strategy. Over the past decade, we have invested nearly $90 billion in clean energy infrastructure, making us the largest U.S. infrastructure investor in the energy industry and one of the largest capital investors across any industry in the U.S. over this period. By investing in smart infrastructure and innovative clean energy solutions, we are helping to build a sustainable energy future that is affordable, reliable and clean. We’re ready to deploy our strategy to invest in South Carolina’s clean energy future and build strong communities for the benefit of Santee Cooper customers and South Carolina.

  • NextEra Energy’s balance sheet and credit rating are among the strongest in the industry. This financial strength enables continued investment in innovation and improvements to the South Carolina electric grid.
  • Transforming Santee Cooper’s power generation to cleaner, more efficient energy sources will lower operating costs, deliver more affordability for customers and a greater ability to invest in grid infrastructure. It also means cleaner air to breathe.
  • Our investments create significant economic benefits. In 2019, NextEra Energy paid nearly $1.6 billion in various state and local taxes and business-related fees that support local governments, police, fire, schools and other local organizations in the communities where we operate.

We do our part to invest in and energize communities where we do business, helping to attract and retain businesses, doing business with locally based suppliers and supporting nonprofit organizations and local community programs.

NextEra Energy is one of the top capital investors in the U.S. in any industry, and we view South Carolina as a terrific place to invest billions of dollars in clean energy.

– Jim Robo, CEO