NextEra Energy utilities provide our customers with unmatched reliability. Thanks to the dedication of our team members and our strong focus on continuous improvement, we have built the nation’s most intelligent and reliable energy grid. We continually work to enhance our storm preparedness and build grid resiliency through innovative, smart grid technology. And, our customers are reaping the benefits: millions of service interruptions avoided, faster restorations during hurricanes and severe weather, and continuous improvements in our service reliability.

One of our Florida utilities has been recognized as having best-in-nation reliability for the fifth time in six years. We received the 2020 ReliabilityOne® National Reliability Excellence Award, presented by PA Consulting. We are honored to receive this award, which, through a rigorous evaluation process, recognizes demonstrated sustained leadership, innovation and achievement in the area of electric reliability. The award is generally acknowledged throughout the industry as recognition of the country’s most reliable energy provider.

Our other Florida utility won its first-ever ReliabilityOne® award, claiming the Outstanding Reliability Performance Award for the Southeast suburban/rural service area on the merits of marked improvements in reliability since its acquisition by NextEra Energy.

NextEra Energy would bring the same focus on delivering leading reliability to South Carolina.

Measuring Service Reliability

One important way we measure our service reliability is through our SAIDI performance. SAIDI stands for the system average interruption duration index. Every year, we improve our SAIDI through a focused approach and efforts to harden our utility infrastructure and make our energy grid even stronger, smarter and more storm resilient.

Our customers are experiencing fewer momentary interruptions, or flickers, and fewer outages than ever before because we continue to build a stronger, smarter and more storm-resilient grid. Since 2006, we have invested more than $5 billion to improve our energy grid and provide outstanding service reliability to our customers.

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Hardening or undergrounding power lines, including exceeding important milestones in 2019 of having hardened or undergrounded 50% of all main distribution power lines, and replacing wood transmission structures so that 96% of these are now concrete or steel.
  • Maintaining trees and vegetation along our distribution power lines each year. Vegetation-related outages are a major cause of power outages day-to-day and during severe weather. In 2019, when our service territory was impacted by Hurricane Dorian, vegetation was the primary cause of outages. For this reason, underground power lines performed better than overhead lines.
  • Upgrading or replacing distribution power poles that no longer meet our industry-leading standards for strength while inspecting all our power poles within an 8-year cycle (approximately 150,000 poles inspected annually).
  • Upgrading our infrastructure with more than 120,000 intelligent devices that prevent power outages and help to restore power faster if an outage occurs.
  • Placing existing overhead power lines underground through our Storm Secure Underground Program pilot to enhance customers’ service reliability and the energy grid’s resiliency while, at the same time, studying the most cost-effective ways to complete the conversion.

In 2019, the average amount of time that our customers experienced an outage was less than ever before. We also achieved our best-ever performance for the average number of momentaries, or flickers, experienced by each customer.